Who's behind the planNERD?

Marshall Wong, a licensed financial planner is the founder of planNERD.io. Prior to planNERD, he co-founded FinC, a financial education company focusing on providing independent and unbiased education materials aiming to raise the public’s financial literacy.

What's a financial planner? How is it different from normal agents?

Financial planners provide financial plans to enable clients to meet their financial goals by proposing strategies on how to invest, grow and protect their money. Unlike agents, we do not represent any banks, fund houses or insurance companies.

There are so many financial planners out there, why choose the planNERD?

As of April 2019, there are less than 900 licensed financial planners serving the county’s population of 32 million people. You may know many ‘financial planners’ because some agents used the term freely without realising they are violating against the Financial Services Act (s.139(a)(iii)) or the Capital Markets and Services Act (Schedule 2, Part 2).

Therefore, you must understand who is your adviser and what is their interest. Always ask your adviser how are they remunerated when they provide you a service.

I want to know more about financial planners.

Thank you for your interest, it is always wise to check the background of a person and understands what license is he/she holding before taking their advice. Should you want to know more about the scope of work that I am licensed to do, refer to the technical note by Securities Commission here.

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