[Step by Step Guide] How to Check and Claim Your Unclaimed Monies Online

RM10.862 billion, that is the sum of money NOT being claimed by Malaysians (source). According to the news article, the Accountant-General’s Department (AGD) wants to help Malaysians check on their unclaimed monies, therefore the AGD is in the process of developing an online system software.



That was in 2019.



Previously, to check whether if you have any unclaimed monies, you will need to queue up, without knowing if you have any unclaimed money or not. However, sometime early this year, it was reported that AGD’s eGUMIS portal went live and it was a significant improvement to check whether you have any unclaimed monies.



But, in early 2020, via eGUMIS, you can only check if you have any unclaimed monies. If you want to claim the money, you are still required to pay a visit to the AGD’s office to submit the form (Borang Permohonan Bayaran Balik WTD “UMA-7”).



I remembered I had a small sum of money unclaimed, but due to the trouble and since the money is not significant, I procrastinated and left the money unclaimed, on purpose…



Now, towards the end of 2020, I read about this article on theStar “‘Govt can use unclaimed monies’”, it triggered me to check my unclaimed money again.



I was asked to create an account again as my account had expired after 6 months of inactivity. As I registered for another account, I realised that the user interface had changed and the more I explore, the more I realised that eGUMIS is now ready for us to submit our form online.



The following is my step-by step experience on making the claim. Be sure to read till the end because I will also explain how to overcome certain bug (as of 28 November 2020) in the system:



Step 1: Register New Account



eGUMIS Registration



First, head over to this registration link to register for a new account.



Your account will be deactivated after 6 months of inactivity, so if you have previously registered and have not login for the past 6 months, you will need to register for a new account



Step 2: Update your Profile





Next, update your profile. Make sure to fill up all the boxes that is marked with (*).


Step 3: Check for Unclaimed Monies







Click on “Search for Unclaimed Moneys” and enter your Identification Number into the provided space. If you have any unclaimed money, it will show in the search result.



I also helped my parents checked their unclaimed money using my account. However, I am not sure if I can help them to claim using my account, so to be on the safe side, I registered new accounts for them to help them claim their money.



Do note that you can check 2 IDs per day.



Step 4: Application Form





If you have any unclaimed money, here is what you need to do to claim it:


  1. Do not click anything other than the following 2 steps, the system doesn’t save your search result, if you used up 2 searches, you have to wait for the next day to proceed to the next step.

  2. Select the “check all” box, as I assume everyone wants to claim all their unclaimed monies. (Is there any reason not to claim?)

  3. Select the “Proceed to Application” box.

Step 4.5: (Workaround) Bug in the System



In my experience, for some reason, there is a bug in the English version of eGUMIS which prevented me from proceeding to the next step. I’ll save your time without boring you with the details here’s the work around:



Visit this link and under “Semakan” click “Log Masuk”. This is the BM version of eGUMIS.




Step 5: Enter Payee Information





This screenshot was taken in the English version, in the BM version, “Tambah Penerima” is also located in the same position.



Once you click on “Tambah Penerima (Payee)” a pop-up will appear and you will need to fill in your particulars and bank account number accordingly.



After you saved the Payee details, check the 2 boxes below and click on the “Hantar” button.



Step 6: Almost there



Once you’ve completed your application, you should receive an email by the AGD. To complete the claim, you are required to submit:



  • Your ID copy (IC/Passport/Company Cert), and

  • Bank statement (using the same bank that you entered in the Payee column).

Submit the above document to permohonan_wtd@anm.gov.my with the application number as the email subject.


(Please be reminded that each email cannot exceed 15MB.)



Final Thoughts



Even though there is no time limit on when the rightful owner can claim their money, it is better to claim it as soon as possible. This is because the Registrar of Unclaimed Moneys do not pay any interest on the money claimed. Your money can be invested elsewhere to generate a return.



One common reason why money is unclaimed is because the legal beneficiaries do not know about the money after the owner dies. This is especially true if the owner dies unexpectedly. Therefore, it is good to have a simple will (at the very least) to avoid this from happening.

(Here’s some tips on choosing the right Financial Planner.)



Do not stop at checking your own account, if you have elderly parents or family members, do help them to check as well.



However, please be reminded that the Ministry of Finance or the Registrar of Unclaimed Moneys never appoint any individual/firm/company as agents for the refund of Unclaimed Moneys. Be extra careful if anyone claims that they can help you claim the money.

UPDATE- 31 December 2020 (1 month later)

Right before new year, I received an email from Jabatan Akauntan Negara. My claim was processed and true enough, the money has been transferred to my bank account!

That was faster than I expected, kudos to the team behind this. Here’s the screenshot for the status on the eGumis Platform.



31 Responses

  1. Thank you for the detailed guide.

    I would like to share my experience.

    Day 1 Checked the unclaimed money in the afternoon.
    Day 2 morning, one so called “Agent” calling !!! The ‘Agent’ can speed up the claim process.

    I rejected his offer because eGumis never appoints any Agent.

  2. Hi Marshall, may I know what if an expired bank acc has more than 3 person, can they just used a person ID to claim the monies?

    1. Can you clarify on the expired bank account part? Do you mean a dormant account? I believe you can still claim, but there’s a possibility that you are required to submit supporting documents.

  3. I checked last year October 2020 I have unclaimed money but this year I checked again the money is gone. What’s happening? Looking forward from your reply. Thanks.

    1. Have you check if you have received the refund? For my case, I received an email with the title “Notifikasi Bayaran iGFMAS” from Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia saying that the money have been debited into my bank account.

  4. Hi, I have a money for Insurance, they ask me refer to Unclaimed Money. May I know I just register & submit in online only or I need go to HQ do for my Unclaimed Money?

  5. Hi, guys. I submitted the application at e-Gumis website on 15th Feb 2021.

    As of today on 14th April 2021 (It has been about 2 months; but there have been no updates).

    When I login to e-Gumis website to check on the status, it is still under “baharu” stage.

    In your past experiences, how long after submission does the status change and what are the status change stated within the e-Gumis portal?

    Thank you.

    1. As you can see from my updated post, I got my unclaimed money credited to my bank account in about 1 months time. However, I do receive feedbacks from other readers that it took them slightly longer, or further verification is needed from the banks/financial institutions. Perhaps you can call the Registrar to follow up on your claims?

  6. Hi, I have money at unclaim department which is under my company’s name. But the bank account have been closed for 2 years. And I also didn’t open another bank account under the said company. May I ask can I request the money return under director’s bank account? Thanks

  7. Thanks for sharing such details, it helps alot.
    May i know how long you waited to get back your refunds?

      1. For UM (unclaim monies) amounting to less then RM2K the process is simple. However, as stated by JANM, all amount exceeding RM2K requires a Letter of Confirmation from the bank & or/Surat Kuasa (LA) by the claimant/administrator of the estate. Unfortunately for my case, I have failed to get a response from two of the three banks which shows my late father (passed away 15yrs ago) had UM therein. Made several attempts via Customer Services enquiry forms since June 2021, Letter to the Bank cc to Bank Negara Malaysia & JANM and their Legal Department. It has been an extremely frustrating effort because the agencies concerned have only responded with a Complaint reference number. Also the eGumis website was down for maintenance, and after writing in with a complaint was adviced that the site will be up and running on 5July2021 at 2pm. Honestly I have lost faith in the system. Yet I would be a fool to let the Government use my late father’s hard earned savings!

        1. I’m sorry to hear what you have been going through. Yes, I’ll admit that my claim is only RM800 which is lesser than the RM2k that you mentioned. Also, thank you very much for your information, I hope you can resolve this issue asap.

  8. Hi Marshall
    Can you kindly take down my feedback dated 17 Jul 2021. This week I received the remaining 2 letters from the banks after Bank Negara intervene on my behalf. I have made a serious error in my feedback ie eGumis website was down for maintenance, (a complaint was adviced that the site will be up and running on 5July2021 at 2pm). In actual fact it was JKPTG MyeTapps (System Pengurusan Tanah) instead of eGumis since I have to get an addendum to the LA in order for JANM to validate my claim. Your immediate action would be most appreciated, as I do not want to be faulted or summoned for FAKE news. Appreciate your haste ASAP to remedy this corrected statement.

  9. Hi, Marshall.
    I had registered before, now can’t remember the password . Recently want to log in, keyed in username and click to reset password. Message pop up “email does not exist” . Try all the email address, unfortunately failed. May I know what should I do?

  10. Hi marshall,
    I have submitted a claim for my Unclaimed Money last month after reading your clear and helpful post. My claim status is listed as ‘ NEW ‘ so I hope to receive my money this month or next. I have ckecked for a relative who has some unclaimed money too. May I know if I can use my eGUMIS account to submit a claim for my relative whoi is not computer-savvy?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi SN Tan, I am not sure if you are allowed to claim on someone else’s behalf. I suggest that you guide your relative during the claims process to avoid unnecessary troubles during the claim.

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