My Experience Investing with Funding Societies [Promo Code]

Like most of you, I have a list of new year resolutions that I want to achieve in 2019. Diversifying my investment portfolio is among the top in the list.

One of the instrument that I have been procrastinating and neglecting last year was P2P lending. On 20 Nov, 2017, I deposited RM1,000 into my Funding Societies and left the the Auto Invest setting turned on.

Leaving my money there and doing absolutely nothing, I’ve gotten back RM122.42 (after deducting all fees). This is equivalent to 10.71% annualized return, not bad!

Pleased with the performance of Funding Societies, this year, I will invest consistently, every month into P2P lending as I want to build a portfolio that is non-correlated to the stock market.

I also notice that P2P lending garnered the most attention in our Facebook Personal Finance Group, hence, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you what is P2P lending, the benefits and the risk of this platform.

What is P2P Lending? How it works?

  • P2P Lending Platform connects individuals to businesses seeking for financing.
  • These platform has to be regulated by Securities Commission Malaysia to safeguard the interest of the public.

How to start investing with Funding Societies?

You will need to register an account. The on-boarding process is relatively easy and doesn’t take up much time. All you need is your IC/Passport, email and phone number.

To start investing, you will need to deposit a minimum of RM1,000. Then click on ‘Investment Opportunities’ and select the type of opportunities that you would like to invest in (Business Term Financing/Invoice Factoring). Select the opportunity you would like to invest and click ‘Confirm investment’.


As mentioned, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of Funding Societies. An annualized return of 10.71% by doing nothing is quite impressive as it outperforms my unit trust funds.

Second benefit that I can see by investing in P2P lending is to diversify my investment portfolio. Many experts have pointed out that the stock market will face volatility in the near future, hence, I would want some of my investment parked in a non-correlated asset.

The cost of investing in this is also relatively low. I only deposited RM1,000 into the account. The minimum amount required to invest is RM100 per opportunity, which makes it super easy for beginners or fresh grads to start investing.


Like all investments, P2P Lending comes with its risk. Since the loans are disbursed to Small & Medium Businesses (SMEs), there is a chance of late repayment or default on the loan repayment. To mitigate with this risk, I split my investments into small chunks (currently RM100 per investment) to limit my lost should one company fail to repay the loan.

One should also understand that you will not get your capital back at any time you like. As this is a loan to a company, you must pay attention to the tenure of the loan. Say if you foresee that you will need to use the money in 6 months, do not invest in an opportunity that has a tenure of 12 months.

Funding Societies Malaysia Promo Code/Referral Code – RM30 Bonus

Currently, Funding Societies is offering new users a bonus of RM50 when you are referred by an existing user (existing users will also get RM50). Remember to enter the referral code to get an instant 5% return when you deposit RM1,000 into your account. Here’s my code: j9tv5tns

Alternatively, you can also click on this link to get the RM30 bonus: LINK

Disclosure: If you register with the code, I will also get RM30, so a big thank you in advance!


I am going to treat this asset class as my alternative investment vehicle for 2019, outside the stock market. I will also explore more P2P lending platforms in 2019. Let me know in the comment section in my FB page which platform should I explore first.


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