[Side Hustle] Hustling For a Bigger Investment Capital

Side Hustle Cover

Side hustle is simply a second income that you can generate to help you to be financially free. A side hustle is any type of business that you can run while you are working on a full time job. Side hustles can be a small business that you run from your house, or they can be a big business that you run from an office.

Choosing the Best Medical Card in Malaysia?

In this article, I’ll do my best to make insurance easy for you and summarized important points to help you in your research for the best medical card for you and your family.

A Financial Planner’s Confession: Can Financial Planning Combat Poverty?

Can Financial Planning Combat Poverty?

There are 405,441 households in Malaysia that are categorised as poor and living below the Poverty Line Income (PLI). These households have only RM2,208 per month (or less) to support the entire family. To make matters worse, according to the World Bank Group, “COVID-19 and its associated economic crisis are reversing hard-won gains against global […]

How to choose the right Financial Advisor for your family

It is very easy to get financial advice, however, one downside of these free online advice is the bypass of important safeguards such as ensuring the person seeking for advice is subject to a detailed financial health check and understanding their current financial position.